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Zanymation UG: Privacy Policy

Here you can find the Privacy Policy of Zanymation UG.

Our privacy policy aims to inform our users about any kind of information we (“Zanymation UG”) might knowingly collect from our users, via our website or our mobile applications.

1. The importance of your data privacy to us

The security and the safety of our users is very important to us (“Zanymation UG”), especially if they have not reached the age of majority in their country or state of residence. Therefore we do not collect, save or store any information about the usage of the mobile applications we produce, or of our website http://www.zanymation.eu/index.html. In addition, when you use our mobile applications or surf our website, we do not collect any personally identifying information, such as user names or e-mail addresses. Furthermore we do not require users, who are under the age of 13 or do not obtain the consent of a parent or legal guardian, to provide us personal information by e-mail or social media.

2. Third party use of your information.

As we do not collect any of your information, we are not able to pass information on to any third party. (color, size, shape, taste), visual perception.

3. More privacy-related information

This privacy policy was updated on 22.03.2015. Our privacy policy might change any time. If we change or extend our policies, we will place a note on our website http://www.zanymation.eu/privacy.html in order to inform you about the changes.

4. Questions about our privacy policy?

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or any kind of concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime by e-mail: info@zanymation.eu